After 1 year of operation, we have seen that many times you calculate them differently and they come differently!

What is the total BCO circulation? The total circulation is 500,000,000 BCO. Will you be adding new BCO brands to the market? There is no such possibility.

Will the coin ever burn? It is not our goal to ever burn the coin if it has low circulation. Will it ever reach $1? For the coin to increase in value, it must 1. have a low total token circulation, 2. have many holders 3. have market demand, 4. sell more than 80% of the tokens, Example: 10,000x50 holders. 000 BCO = 500,000,000 BCO, And if we add that for each new transaction 3% will be distributed to the existing holders. You understand that it is very likely to reach $1 !!!

Will all brands ever be sold? It depends on the demand, price and promotion of Bee Coin.

When will it hit $1? Our goal is to become very fast, to achieve this we will need to go through all the stages of legality, but we will also promote it in the future with ads.

Why is it only 500,000,000 BCO? Our goal is to bring value to more owners and be able to get something of value in our hands. How stable is the futures currency in a bear market? After a year of operation, we have been through many Bears Markets and we can and have already done so, to reduce the price drops of BCO quite a bit and we have succeeded.

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