✅What is the BeeCoin-BCO

Our cryptocurrency supports on-chain transactions and decentralized exchanges, to avoid the human hand (leverage).

The main purpose of the bee coin is to help the bees. If bees disappeared for three years, there would be no planet. Our future goals are to help everyone involved with bees, as well as donate to organizations that protect the bee ecosystem. The bee coin does not handle and processing is original and self-contained with low circulation. Like bees if we unite we can achieve the best for ourselves and our planet. Our cryptocurrency is already traded on the TOKPIE exchange, also traded on every active decentralized exchange.Soon the bee coin will be available on all decentralized exchanges with the aim of making it easier for everyone to have many options,

The project created on 02/19/2022, is a smart trading platform that allows anyone to make fast and decentralized transactions. Our organization was created by private individuals just like cryptocurrencies, but this still makes us reliable in terms of the world that follows and trusts us! Time is the best judge!!! With low brand circulation it pays and is a reliable investment for fast and safe transactions, aiming to connect the interests of the bees with the interests of the buyers.

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